Resin Research Epoxy 6 Gallon Kit


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The Resin Research Surfboard Epoxy is available in three styles. The original 2000 Epoxy system (clear), the CE Epoxy which has an optical brightener (bluish tint) and a UV inhibitor, and the newest Kwik Kick Epoxy which looks like the CE but goes off quicker and becomes harder faster than any other surfboard epoxy on the market. This Epoxy system was developed by Greg Loehr and has many benefits; it is extremely easy to use, dries harder than Polyester, can be used on Polyurethane blanks, and is odorless. You must mix at a 2 to 1 (epoxy to hardener) ratio, also mix thoroughly.

The 6 Gallon Kit comes with 4 gal Epoxy/2 gal 2100F Hardener. $65.45/mixed gallon. Choose between. CE Ultra, 2000 Clear, PH 2000, or Kwik Kick Epoxy.


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