E-Z Seal EPS Surfboard Foam Sealant Pint


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E-Z Seal is designed to fill voids and  imperfections on finish shaped EPS foam blanks. Apply liberally with a spreader or squeegee to shaped blank, let dry, then screen back to finish shape.  Sealed blank will take air-sprays better and some feel that the epoxy bonds better to sealed blank.

This product is designed specifically for surfboards.  I will dry whiter and harder than standard drywall wall Spackle. When thinning the Z-Seal, use only Distilled Water as minerals in regular water can discolor the finish.

  • E-Z to sand
  • Smooth, quick drying and non-shrinking
  • Bright white in color

Size: 1 Pint (.47 Liters)

Click Here to view the E-Z EPOXY GUIDE for detailed use instructions and tips!


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