Vector Net XP 138 – 1/2″ Triaxial 25″ Wide (per yard)


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Think carbon’s too stiff? That’s where ESF Technologies Vector Net XP138 will prove you wrong. The Triaxial crossed Technora Aramid fiber allows for flex to occur in the tail, rail, or any other part of the board you want to use it on. It doesn’t provide as much impact resistance as the RIBZ carbon but it does allow for a more natural flex pattern.

Cut into tail patches. It’s easy to apply, and is very light. The fibers work like multiple springs and tension cables. The fabric has a tough superlight grid on both sides of the Technora, so it lays down smooth either side up or down. Use very sharp scissors.

Give it a try if you want more strength, and more flex, with less weight. Sold per foot, 25″ wide. 1/2″ Square Cross Pattern; Advanced Composite Reinforcement; 2.5oz/square yard

Sold by the yard, cut in one continuous length.


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