UV Catalyst Powder 5 Gallon (35 grams)


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This powdered UV Catalyst makes glassing easy! No longer will you have to rush when laminating, hotcoating, or doing fins. Just take your time, get it right, and carry outside to the sunlight or use UV lightbulbs.

1. Secure and area free of direct sunlight.
2. Add complete pack (35 grams) to each gallon (3.8L) of resin and shake thoroughly for no less than 5 mins. Let settle for 20 mins.
3. Proper mixture will cure in minutes outside as long as there is enough sunlight to produce a shadow. Exposure time and intensity will determine the total cure time.

Suggested 7cc of UV Powder per gallon of resin, adding more can result in faster cure but will result in a greenish-yellow final cured resin color. Thick laminates over 1/4″ thick, pigment or logo laminates that may disrupt UV rays from fully penetrating the laminate may result in uncured areas. We suggest doing your own sample testing.The UV curing process requires a light source which directs UV or visible light onto the formulated product. Photoinitiators absorb the UV energy from the light source, setting in motion a chemical reaction that quickly, in fractions of a second, converts the liquid formulation into a solid, cured film.

5 gallon quantity.


Avoid EYE and SKIN contact, flush with plenty of water. INHALATION, remove to fresh air. INGESTION, give at least 3-4 glasses of water but DO NOT induce vomiting.


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