Super Sap BRT/CLX Clear Surfboard 1.5 Gal Kit


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Super Sap BRT is a High Performance Surf Resin with a 33% Carbon Footprint savings!!! The two-part liquid epoxy system designed by Entropy Bio-Resins. Designed as a high performance liquid epoxy resin for surfboard building, our Super Sap BRT is a sustainable alternative to existing epoxy fiberglass resins. Equipped with industry leading UV stability, this clear epoxy resin allows for bright white finishes with little to no color change after extended exposure to the sun and now features air release additives that allow for smooth and ultra clear hot coats. Excellent adhesion to foam or wood blanks makes Super Sap BRT an ideal liquid epoxy resin for any surfboard building project. A 3 QT KIT has enough epoxy resin to glass up to a 7ft surfboard.

Check out a video on how to mix the Entropy Epoxy!


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