Hobby Multi-Plane




The Hobby Multi-Plane was designed to offer several different planes in one tool. Such as: Surface Plane, Rabbet Plane – to make grooves and go into edges, Bull Nose Plane, Radial Plane. The plane operates at a 27 degree angle which provides a clean cut on the surfboard stringer

This plane was originally imported by Clark Foam and offered to their customers. It was very popular because of it’s extremely sharp blades, ergonomic shape, and economical price. After Clark Foam closed this planer became obsolete and extremely hard to find. The Hobby Multi-Plane has reappeared after many years out of the US market and we are happy to say we once again offering this great little planer!

Comes with one pack of Five Blades. To set blade: Remove wing nut & plate. Insert blade. Replace Plate with “V” groove to the rear. Adjust the table location & secure wing nut. Made in Germany


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