10’6″ Flat Water Series SUP Kit


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The SUP Flat Water Series blanks are professionally computer designed and cut on a CNC machine out of Marko EPS Foam. These SUP Flat Water blanks/boards are thicker and widermakign them float and paddle better than the Surf Series Sup’s. All designs are proprietary Foam E-Z designs with the help of established shapers to make sure these “cut blanks” are truly original and legitimate. The blank is cut close to the finished product thus your shaping process has been simplified to blending the nose/ tail, sanding the blank smooth, and a few minor details. The blanks are designed so the customer can adjust the tail shape and certain dimensions if necessary. Cut Blank dimensions: 10’5″L x 21.7″N x 29.5″W x 18.5″T x 4.4″TH

SUP Board Building Kits come with all the highest quality materials/supplies to build your very own SUP. Includes: Professionally computer cut EPS blank, Resin Research CE Epoxy 3 gal Kit, 6ozx38″ Fiberglass Cloth, Future F6 Sidebite Production Set , 10.5″ White Fin Box, 9″ Future Triangle SUP Fin, White Leash Cup, Vent Plug, Logo Paper, SUP Leash, and SUP Deck Traction. TOOLS OR INSTRUCTIONS NOT INCLUDED!

***All SUP Kits have a two week lead time before they are shipped.


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