US Blanks 8-9Y Long Board


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Comments:The 8’9″Y is the newest and smallest longboard in the Yater blank family. It is from the same program used to machine cut the 9’3″Y, 9’8″Y, and the 10’8″Y plugs. The natural rocker is about in the middle of the demand curve. But remember, the further you change the natural rocker curve the wider the wood stringer it needed to hold it from spring back.

Overall Bottom Length: 8′ 9 1/2″ (267.97 cm)

Tip-to-tip Deck Length: 8′ 9″ (266.70 cm)

Maximum Width: 24 7/8″ (63.18 cm)

Maximum Thickness: 3 3/8″ (8.57 cm)

History: Introduced April 2007
Stock Densities: Red (light), other densities available by special order

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