Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us answer some of the most common questions we get here at

Common Questions on Blanks

Is Clark Foam really closed for good?

Yes, Clark Foam closed their doors on Monday December 5th, 2005! They will not reopen and start making blanks again, all the molds and some of the machinery has been destroyed.

Is someone stepping up and filling the Polyurethane blank void left by Clark Foam?

Yes, a few companies have filled the void left by Clark Foam. We are primarily carrying US Blanks as our polyurethane blanks and Marko Foam as our EPS Foam.

Are the Polyurethane blanks pre-shaped?

No. All Polyurethane blanks come directly out of a mold and are not pre-shaped! The blanks are “close-tolerance” making them close to the finished product. The blanks have a hard outer layer which needs to be removed with a power planer or by hand with a 10.5″ Surform. The blanks need some shaping; they come out of a mold. Some people shape them more than others it just depends on what you’re looking for.

What is the difference between Polyurethane and EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) blanks?

Polyurethane blanks are molded and are the traditional blanks made popular by Clark Foam; they are closed cell rigid polyurethane foam. The Polyurethane is traditionally glassed with Polyester surfboard resin but they can also be glassed with today’s Epoxies. EPS blanks are formed in billets (large rectangular cubes) then hotwired to specific rockers and thicknesses to make the surfboard blanks. EPS foam can only be glassed with Epoxy resin, if Polyester resin is used it will destroy the EPS foam.

Do any of the Polyurethane blank companies make custom blank molds?

No. They do not make custom blank molds! If you don’t see what you want on our site call or e-mail us with the dimensions you need to yield.

Can I order custom stringer arrangements or a custom rocker? how long will it take?

Sure, we specialize in getting customization of existing blanks. There is no problem ordering whatever stringer arrangement or custom rocker you’d like. It usually takes about one week for us to receive your Custom order blank. We can order any blank you find in the catalog and configure it with a custom stringer for you. The price varies on the blank, wood type, and thickness of stringer. The wood types offered are: Bass, Red Cedar, Balsa, and colored foam. Call or email your modifications in to our expert staff and we will get you a price quote.

Does Foam E-Z carry Skim Board blanks?

No. Sorry we don’t sell Skim Board Blanks. You might be able to find more info from Victoria Skim Boards in Laguna Beach

Does Foam E-Z carry or know where to get SECOND or REJECT blanks?

Sorry, but we rarely have second or reject blanks. When we do have them in they get sold extremely fast so it hard for us to offer them.

Does Foam E-Z carry sheet or block foam ? know where to get sheet or block foam?

Foam E-Z does not carry sheet or block foam. Please call or e-mail Coastal Enterprises for all your non-surfboard foam needs at 800-845-0745, [email protected] or they should be able to help you. Let them know we referred you.

Chemical Information

What's the difference between laminating, sanding/hot coat, and gloss/finish Polyester resin?

Laminating resin is greenish blue in color and is the basic first coat of resin; it is used to adhere the cloth to the blank (this resin will only dry tacky and not sandable!)

Sanding or hot coat resin or filler coat is almost the same thing; it is lam resin with surfacing agent (styrene monomer and paraffin wax) mixed in. Paint it on the laminated surfboard to fill the fiberglass weave and make the board sandable.

Gloss/finish Resin is pink in color and is the final coat of resin. It is similar to sanding resin but is highly filtered and has certain polymers added to help buff up to a brilliant shine. Paint it on the sanded surfboard to give it a shiny finish. It should be polished out to bring out the board’s luster.

Common Questions on Shipping

Why is it so expensive to ship blanks?

Unfortunately the shipping companies do not just weigh the order. They’ve devised what’s called Dimensional Weight = (Length X Width X Height)/194. The large dimensions of our blank boxes make the weight look like 100lbs! The shipping company we currently work with charges a flat rate fee instead. We’ve tried all possible angles with the shipping companies and at this time, it remains the most affordable option.

How much will my shipping charges be?

We can ship 1-8 blanks of any size combination to anywhere in the continental US for a flat rate of $160.00 if it is shipped to any business address (must be a commercial address, home businesses do not qualify). If your order needs to ship to a residential address the shipping rate is a flat rate of $185.00. There is an additional $25.00 fee per box (up to four blanks), see below. Contact us for larger orders. Parts of New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, North Carolina, and other hard to get to areas are rare cases and the shipping amounts can be as high as $400.00. We will contact you if this situation arises.

Why does it cost an extra $25.00 to ship blanks to a residence? Does a "home business" qualify as a commercial address? Can I pick up my box at my local service center?

The shipping companies have a policy to charge additionally to go to residences because it’s hard for them to lug their big trucks up and down residential streets and they have to obtain a special permit to do so. No! A home business is not considered a commercial address. The delivery address must be on a commercial street not a residential road. YES, you’re welcome to pick up your box at the local service center.

What if I don't have a business address?

You are welcome to pick up your box at the local service center to save this additional fee. If you decide to take this option please email us to find your closest Service Center.

What is the $25.00 Box Fee for? How many blanks can fit into one box? Can you order different size blanks in the same box?

The $20.00 covers the shipping box and the labor to pack your order. 4 blanks fit in one box no matter what size the blanks are. It’s no problem to order a variety of blank sizes in one order.

Can I mix different size blanks in the same box/order?

YES! We can put any variety of sizes in each blank box, up to four blanks per box.

Why is it a benefit to order multiple blanks per order?

Shipping for blanks is a FLAT RATE, therefore you will be charged the same shipping for one to eight blanks so the more you get the less expensive it is per blank.

If I order products other than blanks (excluding resin) will I incur two different shipping charges?

No. All items ordered in addition to blanks (excluding resin) will not add to the shipping costs. Blanks and items ordered will be included in the same shipping box. If customer orders supplies in addition to blanks, the supplies will be shipped in the blank box, so the customer will be paying shipping only once.

Is everything I order insured?

Yes, everything is insured for full value as long as the customer follows the critical rules for accepting blank boxes. Customer must inspect contents of blank box for damage and notate any damage with the driver at the time of delivery. The customer must accept the damaged goods and should immediately contact Foam E-Z so we can file the claim and reship your new replacement goods out with no additional shipping charges to the customer.

How do you ship non-blank orders? What shipping methods do you offer?

Our web site is set up for FED EX and USPS, and a signature is needed for delivery. If a customer doesn’t want the signature option they must put it in the comments and this will void the insurance. Shipping takes 1 to 7 business days depending on your proximity to Foam E-Z and the shipping option chosen. Postage and shipping is determined by height, weight, length and destination. Please call or email for faster or alternative shipping needs.

Does Foam E-Z have other locations?

Sorry but we only have this one location, here in Southern California. We ship all over the world on a daily basis. Feel free to place your order online or call us and we can walk you through it.

Does Foam E-Z ship blanks internationally?

YES! To place an international blank order go through the order process on the website and it will come to us as a quote, we will add on the shipping charges and email it back to you. At that time you can send us your credit card information (Visa, Master Card, American Express) and we will process and ship your order immediately. If you have further questions please feel free to email or call us. *** Canada: Approximately $200.00USD shipping for 1 to 4 blanks, any sizes, to a business address. Puerto Rico: 1 to 8 blanks of any size combination to Carolina PR ranges between $125.00 and $200.00 to a business address. Japan: Approximately $250.00 for 1-4 blanks, any sizes, to the nearest international airport.

Board Building Tips

Do I have the ability to make my own board? Am I old enough?

We can’t tell you if you have the ability but we can definitely give you the tools and know how to make a valid attempt. First-time board builders of all ages purchase our kits/blanks daily have an extremely high success rate due to our knowledgeable staff and great resources!

Does Foam E-Z know what's the best blank to build a certain type of board?

YES! Just let us know what type of board you want to build. The variables of the finished board we need are: length, thickness, type of board, and anything else you can provide.

Does Foam E-Z know what the best blank size is for me?

It’s hard to tell you which size is best. There are many different variables that come into play when figuring out what size to choose, i.e…. ability, athleticism, size of waves to be surfed, how often you surf, your height and weight etc. If you answer these questions we’ll be better able to point you in the right direction!

What are the basic shaping tools needed to shape a surfboard?

1 X 10.5″ Surform
1 X Block Plane
1 X Spokeshave
2 X Sandscreen (1-80g 1-120g)
1 X 40g Sandpaper
1′ Dragon Skin (optional if you have video)
2 X 5.5″ Surform (optional if you have video)
1 X Fred (optional if you have video)
1 X P20SB Planer (optional if you have extra dollars)
**** The Starter Shaping and Glassing Kits have the minimum tools necessary to build your board.

How much fiberglass cloth do I need to glass a board?

The quantities of cloth listed are for the most common glass-job. These amounts are for 2 layers of cloth on the top and 1 layer on the bottom.

5’11” and under = 6 yds.
6’0″ to 6’11” = 7 yds.
7’0″ to 7’11” = 8 yds.
8’0″ to 8’11” = 9 yds.
9’0″ to 9’11” = 10 yds.
10’0″ to 10’11” = 11 yds.

How much polyester resin, sanding agent, catalyst do I need to glass a board?

For boards up to 6’6″ (all 4oz cloth) you need one gallon of laminating resin.
For boards larger than 6’6″ you will need two gallons of laminating resin.
2 oz of sanding agent will turn 1 gal of lam resin into sanding resin.
1 oz of catalyst is enough for 1 gal of lam resin.

What is the mixing ratio for surfacing agent, catalyst?

* approx. 3 cc/ml PINT * 2 X CATALYST
* approx. 5cc/ml (1/4oz) QUART * 2 X CATALYST
* approx. 1oz GALLON * 2 X CATALYST

* All measurements are approximations; one must take into account all variables when mixing the resin i.e. temperature, experience, measuring accuracy.

For hot coat (sanding coat) add approximately 25% more catalyst.
Always mix the chemicals thoroughly.
Temperature is one of the most important variables when mixing the catalyst with resin. The warmer the conditions are, the faster the resin will go off (gel) and vice-versa. Therefore, make the appropriate adjustments of catalyst according to the temperature of the environment you’re working in.
Goggles, respirator, and rubber gloves are recommended at all times.
Use extreme caution when working with these and all chemicals!

When do I apply the paint?

The paint is applied directly to the finished blank, before the first layer of cloth is applied. At this time you can also use the Posca/Sharpie Poster markers for pin lines and additional accents.

How do I use the logo paper/ will it bleed/ when is it applied?

Cut the logo paper just short of 8’X11.5″. Use glue stick or clear tape around the edges to adhere it to a sheet of printer paper, shiny side of logo paper up! Feed paper into printer and print away. We’ve rarely heard of the printer ink bleeding but it’s always safe to test it before glassing it on your board. The logo paper is applied directly to the finished blank, before the first layer of cloth is applied.

Does Clark Foam still make the "Pro" model planer?

NO! We carry only one model (CF03 Planer), it has been totally reworked and is the best planer to date. The mechanism that controls the cutting depth has been modified to make a full cut with only a quarter turn of the knob. The new features include a modified rear handle, two way pass clearance, precision depth adjustment mechanism (sealed), 20′ cord, Exhaust Attachment, and improved sealed bearings for more power.

Does Foam E-Z provide instructions with the Kits?

Unfortunately we don’t provide any instruction booklet with the kits. We do sell the Shaping and Glassing 101 videos, they’re pretty informative. We also have the Surfboard Book and Surfing Essentials, these books are great sources for board building.

Does Foam E-Z offer Shaping or Glassing classes?

YES, we do offer Professional Shape Lessons. Check out our Lessons Page for more details. No, we don’t offer Glassing classes but we do have Glassing Clinics/Demos from time to time. Please follow our blog for future dates.

Does Foam E-Z offer templates for sale?

We don’t offer templates at this time but should have some available soon. The Shaping 101 video has a great section explaining how to make templates.

Order Status

When will my order ship?

We ship your order within two days of when your order has been placed, unless an item is backordered. If this is the case one our staff will contact you via email or phone for an update or any alternatives.

How long will my products other than blanks take to arrive?

We ship with FED EX Ground therefore your order will take 3-5 business days based on your location in relation to Foam E-Z.

How long will my blank order take to arrive?

Blanks take about 4-10 business days based on your location in relation to Foam E-Z.

What if I never received my order?

If you believe that you should have already received your order please call Foam E-Z immediately at (714) 896-8233. We will give you the tracking # and/or track it for you.

Can I adjust the items in my order or cancel my order?

You can update or edit your order at any time until it ships from our warehouse. Call us immediately with the changes you want. If in the case you receive our phone message, please leave a clear message with all changes and a good call back number. If your order hasn’t shipped we will update it for you.

What if I didn't receive my entire order?

This is very rare but it does happen once in a while! If you find something is missing from your order please call us immediately so we can cross check it. We will immediately ship out the missing item with no additional shipping charged to the customer.

What if my order arrives damaged?

This is very rare but it does happen once in a while! If a box arrives damaged it is imperative that the customer accepts the product and denotes the damage in writing with the delivery person at the time of delivery! Please call Foam E-Z immediately to begin the claim process so we can immediately ship out the replacement item(s) with no additional shipping charged to the customer.

Payment Information

What are my payment options?

We offer a variety of options for you to choose from. You can pay online using a credit card (we accept Visa, Master Card, and American Express) or you can pay by mail or fax with your credit card, and you can pay by mail with a money order. Personal checks are accepted by walk-in customers only.

Can a customer pay with anything besides a credit card?

Yes, the customer can pay with a US POSTAL Money Order. Print out your order and fax or send it to us along with the money order. Any questions please contact the shop at (714) 896-8233, fax us at (714) 896-0001or e-mail us at [email protected].

When will I be charged for my purchases?

Regardless of the payment method you choose, you will not be billed until your order is fully assembled and shipped from our warehouse.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

If you are a resident of California or if you are having products shipped to a California address, you have to pay 7.75% sales tax on all purchases. If you are outside of California your orders are tax-free!

What if I want to pay with a bank (wire) transfer, and how much is the fee?

You will need to contact us so we can get you all of the transfer information. There is a flat $20.00 USD fee for any bank (wire) transfer.


Can I come into the shop and purchase the items I want?

Sure! Come on down and we’ll set you up on what you need. Our will-call hours are Monday – Friday 10-5:00pm and Saturday 10-3pm.
See you soon.

Why does the resale discount only apply to "walk-in" customers?

The resale discount is only for those customers who carry a legitimate California Resale Certificate for surfboards. This discount is put in place to protect the professional board builders and to insure that these customers get the discount due to them.

Does Foam E-Z only sell to businesses?

No. Foam E-Z sells to all levels of shapers or board builders from the first-timer to the “pro”.

Is there a minimum quantity of blanks one can order?

No. There is no minimum amount of blanks a person can order. Although in most cases, the customer will save money in shipping costs when they order multiple blanks. See Why is it a benefit to order multiple blanks per order?

What is Foam E-Z's return policy/is there a restocking fee?

Foam E-Z accepts returns for US orders but there will be a $15.00 restocking fee. Foam E-Z must be notified within 2 days and all products must be returned in perfect, unused, un-opened condition within one week of product arriving to customer. Customer will be refunded in total minus shipping and the restocking fee. All customers are liable for the costs of shipping back to Foam E-Z. Foam E-Z does not accept returns from International orders. There are many reasons: the exchange rates fluctuate, expensive shipping costs, time consuming turn around, potential for product damage is higher, 20% restocking fee, etc…

Site Guide

What if I can't find the item I'm looking for?

Did you see it on our site before and now it’s gone? If so give us a call with the name of the item and we will be able to track it down for you. Even if you’ve never seen the item on our site please call we can acquire any item for surfboard building and do special orders all the time!

What currency do you use?

All of our prices are in U.S. dollars. Feel assured that you will receive top exchange rates from your credit card company.

What should I do if I'm having trouble on your site?

We’re sorry to hear that you have had some trouble placing an order. You’re welcome to call in, fax, or email a complete order and a complete shipping address including phone #, city, state, zip code, country, etc… After we receive this information we will contact you back with a final quote. At that time you can get us your credit card information (we accept Visa, MasterCard, or American Express), and we will process and ship your order immediately. Your order will ship FED EX and take about 4 business days.

Hey, this is new technology, and sometimes glitches can occur. We want to make sure that all our customers have a great experience shopping with us, so, if you wouldn’t mind, please email us at [email protected] with the troubles you are having. When writing the email, please include the operating system you are using (i.e. windows95/98/ME/XP/NT/2000, MAC, OSX, RedHat Linux, etc.), the browser type and version (i.e. Internet Explorer 5.5, Netscape 4.7, etc), the text of any error messages you are encountering and a detailed description of the problem. We’ll get our guys on the problem ASAP, to either fix the issues, or to get back to you with information on how to tune your own computer to best view our site.

Our Guarantee

Is my personal information safe?

All of your personal account information is safe and secure with us at Foam E-Z. All customer information is protected on our secure servers, and we use the latest SSL encryption to protect your information from unauthorized use. You’ll know you’re secure when you browse our site and see the small padlock icon at the bottom of most browsers, which will appear whenever a secure connection is established.

What's your privacy policy?

Our privacy policy is simple and clear. WE NEVER give ANY of your personal information to ANYONE. Period.

Are your products guaranteed?

We stand by all the products we sell on our site. If you have any complaints about merchandise received please contact customer service at Foam E-Z immediately.

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