Sticky Bumps Citrus Wax Remover 8oz



Make your board look brand spankin’ new again with the Bubble Gum Wax Remover! This is a citrus based, biodegradable cleaner! It will remove, dissolve, and clean all waxes, deck sprays, tars, and adhesives. Apply the solution liberally, let it set for a few seconds and wipe clean.

Great uses for using wax remover:

– Starting a clean new coat of wax
– Clean your board before repairs
– Getting your board ready to resell
– Preparing your board to store it

Directions: Scrape old wax from board with a wax scraper, put some wax remover on a paper towel and rub on board. NOTE: Scraping wax is really easy if you leave your board in the sun for 15 minutes before scraping. 8oz bottle.


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